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All necessary equipment is included!

Instruction from an NCCP trained archery coach

Personalized coaching tailored to your skill level

Free equipment rental and shooting time after your lesson

Coupon for 3 free equipment rentals 



Everyone and anyone!

Recommended age is 8yrs+   


Contact us if you have a participant under 8yrs. We have taught archers from the age of 5yrs - 85yrs! 


We can work with individuals who are visually impaired or those with physical limitations.  


Archery is a sport with no limitations!


Archery is a self-challenging and rewarding activity, blending physical and mental resources. 


It is about consistency and precision. 


It is a sport enjoyed by all ages and it is a great family activity.

Private Lesson Pricing

$  65.00 + hst     for One

$  90.00 + hst     for Two

$ 115.00 + hst     for Three (ages 8 and up) * maximum of 2 youths


$ 140.00 + hst    for Four (ages 8 and up)   * maximum of 2 youths


Book your private or group lesson today!


Lessons are designed for those 8 years old and up with little or no experience.

You will learn the basics of archery and learn how to practice safely.


Once you have completed the basics in the training area, you will move on to the public lanes where you will continue to shoot while we provide further coaching and instruction. 

Our primary goal is for you to have fun while learning the basics.  It is important in archery to develop proper form from the start.

Prefer to learn in a class environment? Check out our group lessons: "CLICK HERE"

We don't sell, we teach! We are here not only to teach you how to properly shoot, but to ensure that you enjoy the sport!

During your private lesson we will go over range rules, safety and archery form.


We do this in a safe, and very fun environment. Our primary goal is for you to have fun while learning the basics. It is important in archery to have proper form from the start!

Hamilton Archery Centre offers private lessons to new archers, self-taught archers and to those who are returning to the sport after a long break.  All necessary equipment is provided.  We always have coaches on the shooting line to assist archers. Experienced archers love to share their ideas and knowledge. You just need to ask. Bring a friend or two and we’ll set up a friendly competition and you can test what you have learned.

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