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Check out our open shoot hours

Public shoot is available to experienced archers.


We consider you an experienced archer if you have had a lesson with a credible coach.


We have 20 lanes with 10 and 18 meter distances. Equipment rental is available.  We have all equipment necessary.


For the safety of all of our archers,  all  new archers or those returning to the sport after a long break, require a lesson before participating in our open shoot. 



No crossbows

Field tips only (no broadheads)

Hourly Rate: $16

Time Packages! Shoot more, save more!

Bronze:          10 hours $130         $13.00 an hour!

Silver:            20 hours $224        $11.20 an hour!

Gold:              40 hours $320        $8.00 an hour!

Platinum:     100 hours $560       $5.60 an hour!



During your private lesson we will go over range rules, safety and archery form. Your lesson includes:

  • All necessary equipment

  • One hour of instruction from an NCCP trained archery coach

  • Personalized coaching tailored to your skill level

  • Free equipment rental and shooting for 1/2 hr after your lesson

Recommended age is 10yrs+   


Contact us if you have a participant under 10yrs. 


We can work with individuals who are visually impaired or those with physical limitations.  

Allow yourself extra time after your lesson to take advantage of free practice and equipment rental!  


$  65.00 + hst     for one

add $50.00 + hst for additional participant


Introduction To Archery

Youth Classes

Ideal for beginners and those with little or no experience.

The program was developed to promote the sport of archery and to provide opportunities for adults to learn in a group environment.  Our coaches will ensure that participants have fun, while learning in a relaxed environment. Individual objectives will be established to encourage archers to challenge themselves and to work towards improving their own personal goals.


During the 6 week program, archers will learn archery form and techniques through one on one and group coaching and finish with the confidence to come out to our open shoot.


Certificates will be awarded upon completion of the program.


All of our instructors are NCCP (National Coaching Certificate Program) trained and very enthusiastic about the sport.

$225.00 + hst for 6 weeks

Book in advance and receive $25 off the cost of registration

Youth: Next Program: August 7th


If you are interested in booking a private event we can work with you! We offer very competitive rates for the private use of our facility for your archery related events. We provide experienced coaches and can tailor your archery activities for your specific gathering.

You special event will begin with instruction in safety and basic archery form. Your group will then begin shooting, while our NCCP trained coaches assist you with form.   After 50 minutes, the group will take a brief 10 minute break.  During the break, your coaches will set up a ballon shoot.  The group will be divided into teams and everyone will have the chance to use the skills that they have learned.  

Space and times are limited!

Cost - please contact

2 hours, 6 participants maximum​

  • All necessary equipment provided

  • NCCP trained coaches


Adult Introduction Class - not currently offered

We run a crash course for adults! This​ class will teach you the basics of archery and get you started on the right track. We will be shooting recurve bows where we will go over key points of the archery form and cover a couple aiming techniques which are used in the "barebow" shooting style.

All equipment is included in the class! You are welcome to stay for an extra hour after class until we close.

$40 + hst

7:00pm - 8:00pm

Next Session: TBD

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